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Ravinia Brewing Company response to questions and feedback post the recent amended lawsuit from the Ravinia Festival Association, and quotes provided in the Chicago Tribune article:

Ravinia Brewing Company continues to deny all allegations being made by the Ravinia Festival Association. With that being said – without further support, we are very near to a financial cliff that will prevent us from being in a position to prove that the law is on our side. The most recent quotes provided in the amended complaint stand as the latest example of world class lawyers and PR specialists leveraging out of context statements to support the ridiculous accusation that the Ravinia Festival Association has been harmed by our existence.

The amended complaint filed by the Ravinia Festival Association has already taken on a life of its own thanks to online agitators with their own agendas on both sides of the argument. Unsurprisingly, numerous misunderstandings have arisen from the recently published excerpts extracted from the 2017 RBC business plan, which was utilized in a loan application to the SBA. Excluded from this 53 page document in the publicly available updated filing made by the RFA are another 45 pages with multiple references to the collaborative efforts between the Ravinia Festival Association and Ravinia Brewing – along with RBC’s real marketing plan and focus on our core mission and value proposition of fostering Community, Craft and Creation. When reading the entirety of the document it is clear that a positive relationship between the two organizations existed in 2017 and was mutually celebrated as a benefit to both parties.

In fact, this was illuminated in RBC’s countersuit that references additional dialogue from this same period of time including a collaboration beer and joint marketing efforts for which both parties were engaged. One moment we remember fondly was Ravinia Festival Association requesting 600 cans of the beer to be distributed at Ogilvie Station to celebrate and kick off their 2018 season – with RBC present - imagine what could have been! It is unfortunate that out of context, selected excerpts from a period of constructive collaboration have been framed by some as a secret, hidden agenda. Context matters. Ravinia Brewing (like many in the Ravinia District), proudly celebrated its successful neighbors in the business plan as the Festival is not only a part of our community and fabric – but they bring beer drinkers and taco lovers to our community… it’s a win-win don’t you think?

Ultimately, the collaboration ceased in 2018 when both parties entered into a contract that would govern any potential future brand confusion. A contract that our recently filed suit in Cook County maintains should still be valid – and was certainly valid during the period in which the Ravinia Festival Association claims damages occurred.

At the end of the day – we continue to believe that level heads will prevail – but we’re running out of time. We are ready and available for a real conversation with real people to get to a real solution. It is time to put the lawyers and PR in the back seat and find a path to move forward before a point is reached that will be crippling for our community. Funny thing is… we also like James Taylor… maybe some common ground and common sense can finally come out on top. What say you RFA?

Please note:  

Ravinia Brewing Company, LLC is a separately owned entity and is not related
in any way to the Ravinia Festival Association.



Ravinia Brewing 2nd Taproom Opening in Historic Logan Square


Chicago, April 26, 2021 - Ravinia Brewing Company is thrilled to announce the opening of their Chicago Brewpub!  This date represents a significant milestone for the team, as it comes nearly two years after they brewed the first batches of their Artisan Craft Beers in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago. Ravinia Brewing’s second taproom will officially open its doors on Friday, May 7, 2021, at 2601 W. Diversey Avenue, Chicago, IL.


Ravinia Brewing Company, which began distribution in 2017, was born out of the Ravinia District of Highland Park and opened their widely acclaimed Taproom + Taco Bar in the neighborhood in October of 2018. Ravinia’s uniqueness and branding stems from their 3 core pillars of “Community, Craft, and Creation” which lays the framework for the brand's identity and what they hope to bring to the Chicago community. "Community is the cornerstone of who we are," said Kris Walker, one of Ravinia Brewing’s owners. "The Highland Park, North Shore, and Chicago communities have been so great to us for the past couple of years. They have helped us build a sense of community and vibrancy around our beers that we can’t wait to carry through to our new home in Logan Square.”  


If you’ve visited Ravinia’s Highland Park Taproom, you’ve surely experienced a magical environment with innovative craft beers and scratch Mexican street food. Guests will have full access to the delicious cuisine that originated in Highland Park, as well as new, specialty offerings created by Chef Juan Carlos Bueno. Juan Carlos comes to Ravinia Brewing with an extensive background in creating delicious, approachable food that pairs with beer, having previously opened Lagunitas’ Chicago Taproom. Juan Carlos is adding exceptional new food options including 2 breakout vegetarian tacos, exciting seafood options, and fried ice cream to tame anyone’s sweet tooth. 


Ravinia Brewing is also pleased to welcome seasoned Chicago industry rockstars Eric Fritzsche and Gabriel Boden as their General Manager and Director of Restaurants. Gabriel spent 7 years as the general manager of Revolution’s Logan Square Brewpub, while Eric previously headed up heavyweights including Piece Brewery and Pizzeria and Utopian Tailgate. Together, they bring an incredible combination of expertise, creativity, and passion to their work - and to beer - and look forward to sharing that with the Chicago community.  “I’m excited to be part of Ravinia’s expansion into this thriving area that is quickly becoming a destination for beer lovers. As someone who has recently moved out of the city and now lives just steps from Ravinia’s Highland Park Taproom, I can’t wait to bring the magic of Ravinia to Logan Square. I’m also excited to be working with such talented people. Raul (head brewer) has been putting out amazing beers, Juan Carlos is a creative and driven Chef, and Eric comes with a deep well of experience and a strong passion for hospitality.” 


Ravinia Brewing Company will offer a dozen of their artisan craft beers on draft daily as well as innovative and limited-release offerings created throughout the year by their Head Brewer, Raul Heredia. On deck from the brewing team is the first release of their highly anticipated ‘Exploration Series’ - created to let the brewers get imaginative and produce fresh and unique flavors within emerging beer styles. “Casa de Guava is a Guava Berliner Weisse that boasts bright guava flavors that combine beautifully with the tart backbone of this fruity sour,” said Heredia. “The tangy flavors pair perfectly with Chef Juan Carlos’ specialty coconut curry shrimp tacos that are new to the Logan Square menu. The Chicago Brewpub offers a great opportunity to play off of the food menu and get more creative. I’m excited to push the limits and continue to offer new specialty beers that are different from anything anyone has had before from Ravinia!”


The Logan Square location will feature a creative floor plan - offering consumers a variety of dining options including window swings, intimate booths, and bar service. Ravinia Brewing also added retractable garage doors to the front of their building as a response to the Covid-19 Pandemic. “We felt that it was necessary to ensure customers felt safe and comfortable in our space at all times - both now and in the future. The last year has been incredibly eye-opening to all restaurateurs, and we’ve learned that there is no commitment that is more important to our business than the commitment to our customers,” said Walker. “While we’re optimistic and hopeful about the future, we wanted to guarantee that we made every effort possible to create a safe and enjoyable experience for our guests.”


The taproom will also have a family-friendly environment with whimsical experiences and a hidden beer garden that offers plenty of space for private events and secluded late night entertainment. With a private parking lot and ideal accessibility to public transit, Ravinia Brewing can easily welcome thirsty beer drinkers from throughout Chicagoland. Visitors should also note Ravinia Brewing’s impressive proximity to Maplewood Brewery and Metropolitan Brewing. The three taprooms create a brewery crawl experience in Logan that is unmatched in the city of Chicago - with award-winning beers, decadent cuisine, and unforgettable adventures. Liz Garibay, the Executive Director of The Chicago Brewseum, took a sneak peak at the new space and quickly identified the unbeatable opportunity in this new brewery pocket. “I'm thrilled about the increase of breweries in Logan Square/Avondale, the four breweries just north of 90/94 offer something for everyone -  from beer styles to beer culture to tap room vibes. I know that the very walkable route of Ravinia, Maplewood, Metropolitan, and Revolution will be a frequent one for me!"


Ravinia Brewing Company will be open Monday through Thursday starting at 3:00 PM, at 11 AM for lunch on Fridays, and at 11 AM for brunch Saturday & Sunday, with plans to add lunch and carry-out service shortly thereafter. For more information, please visit

https://www.raviniabrewing.com/ or follow on Social Media @RaviniaBrewing. 


Media Contact: 

Stephanie Kushnir

Head of Sales and Marketing - Ravinia Brewing Company


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Ilyse Strongin

312.285.7702 cell

847.432.6000 office

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Enjoy infused concoctions, live music, and family-friendly fun

Saturday, October 2nd, Noon–10PM, in the Ravinia District of Highland Park

On Roger Williams Avenue, between Pleasant and Burton Avenues


HIGHLAND PARK, IL (OCTOBER 2, 2021) – After an amazingly successful inaugural Steep Ravine Infusion Festival in 2019, Ravinia Brewing Company is excited to announce it will be bringing back this first-of-its-kind outdoor event on Saturday, October 2nd from Noon-10 PM, located along the main drag of the Ravinia District of Highland Park (on Roger Williams Avenue, between Pleasant and Burton Avenues).

Focused on tempting and expanding the taste buds of craft beer and spirit lovers, guests will experience the thrill of creating their own beer infusions at the Ravinia Beer Trailer’s DIY Infusion Bar, as well as already-infused libations from a variety of breweries including Whiner Beer Company and Casa Humilde for a true craft beer tasting experience.

This fan-favorite street festival offers every adult guest the opportunity to create their own infusion by choosing from a variety of ingredients from the do-it-yourself infusion bar, putting their million-dollar mixologist ideas into action. The fun isn’t just for adults; kids and teens will be given the opportunity to infuse juices, frozen drinks, and sodas for their own delicious creations. Participants are encouraged to submit their best infusions to the Ravinia Brewing Squad, who will select a winner of a $100 gift card and a tour of the brewery!

The family-friendly event will have live music, axe throwing for all ages, henna art, readings from Psychic Viv, and a variety of other activities to accompany the delicious food and beverage offerings from local and regional vendors including Ravinia Brewing Company’s famous tacos and Mexican street food, Piero’s Pizza, Sally’s Nuts, BWB Shakes Highland Park, Crazy Dogs, Magic Crepes, Happy Lobster Food Truck, Bright Bowls, and more!

Additionally, while attendees mix their drinks and enjoy food vendors’ offerings, the live music line up will set the tone all day:

Noon - 1:30 pm Nasty Snacks (A nine piece funk band from Chicago)

2 - 3:30 pm Extra Crispy Brass Band (Eight piece New Orleans style brass band from Milwaukee) 

4 - 5:30 pm Radio Free Honduras (Latin Rock Party Band)

6 - 7:30 pm Ravinia Ramblers (Local folk rockers and favorites) 

8 - 10:00 pm Chicago Afrobeat Project (10 piece band with horns)


Andrew Devlin, one of Ravinia Brewing’s founders, stated, "Infusions are a fun way to bring out the creativity in everyone. Our ‘Infusion Wednesdays’ in the Ravinia District have been a hit, allowing us to create fresh spins on some of our favorite beers that are truly unique." Some of Ravinia Brewing’s creations are infused with ingredients such as fresh blueberries and raspberries, vanilla beans, cocoa nibs, waffles, coconut bacon, and cinnamon.  

Ravinia Brewing Company’s core pillars of Craft, Community, and CREATION, come together in this spirited event that gives all attendees the chance to really become their own “Brewers” for a day. Said Gabriel Boden, Ravinia’s Head of Restaurants, “Why should brewers get to have all the fun in creating amazing beverages? We really saw an opportunity to take one of the best aspects of being brewer – creating fun new recipes – and give every attendee a chance to experience it for themselves!”

"The inaugural Infusion Fest in 2019 was a first-of-its kind local festival that people have been looking forward to again,” says Devlin. We are thrilled to be able to bring Infusion Fest back and give our guests the chance to explore infusions with so many different ingredients, and we are excited to see this creative fest become one of the most celebrated events on the North Shore!"

A special thanks to Infusion Fest sponsors that make this event possible: Christopher Falcon/Compass, Curaleaf and Gilbert Orthodontics.


The Ravinia community originated as an Artisan's community, and it is through this inspiration Ravinia Brewing Company places craft at the center of their efforts. Their brewers take pride in sourcing local ingredients, striving for fresh and natural products, and adhering to quality products and standards that reflect the spirit of those many Artists that have inspired the community over the years! For more information on all of Ravinia Brewing, please visit https://www.raviniabrewing.com, www.facebook.com/raviniabrewing, or call 773-362-5553.



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